Services from Safety Thru Design

  • Regulatory Consulting:

    In addition to product evaluation, STD can provide leadership for your engineering and management team in developing a strategy for your organization’s long-term regulatory needs and dealing with regulatory organizations such as TUV, VDE, CSA, UL and EMC testing laboratories.

    By utilizing STD’s working relationships with engineers at US Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL), European Notified Bodies and other laboratories, STD can help resolve many questions and issues.

    Regulatory requirements around the world are constantly changing. Identifying country requirement can be very challenging. STD can assist in identifying and understanding these requirements.

    If your engineer and management team lacks experience with regulatory issue, STD offers training on product safety concepts and product safety standards.

  • Product Safety Evaluation:

    STD can evaluate your product, provide test reports and documentation support to meet European Directives and CE Marking requirements. Commonly applied European Directives are the Low Voltage, Machinery, Medical, and Pressure Equipment Directive. Commonly applied IEC or EN standards are 60950-1, 60204-1, 60825-1, 60065, 60335-1, 61010-1 and 60601-1.

    STD can also perform a preliminary evaluation to many NRTL standards, NFPA79 and SEMI® Guidelines to identify major issues before submitting the product for certification with organizations such as UL, TÜV, CSA, etc.

    As part of the evaluation process, most standards will specify required safety test for products. STD can perform many product safety test using calibrated test equipment.

  • Product Testing:

    Safety Thru Design has a broad range of experience with many standards and can perform tests and measurements such as:

    • Ground Bond
    • Dielectric Strength (Hi-Pot)
    • Insulation Resistance (Megger)
    • Touch Current (Leakage Current)
    • Cap discharge
    • Creepage and Clearance
    • Marking Durability
    • Mold Stress Relief
    • Humidity soak
    • Normal and Fault Thermals
    • Current Measurements
    • Mains current 50 Hz or 60 Hz
    • Transformer Construction
    • Environmental Testing:
      • Dynamic Shock and Vibration
      • HALT / HASS
      • Altitude testing to 50K feet
      • Temperature Cycling
      • Combined Temperature/Humidity/Altitude
      • Thermal Compliance
      • Mobile Environmental Testing
      • Mechanical Force
      • Ball Drop
      • ISTA Package Drop
    • Electromagnetic Testing:
      • Emission - FCC / CISPR
      • Immunity - IEC 61000-4-x
      • Power Disturbance - IEC 6100-3-2/3
    • ....and more.






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